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I got a comment to my initial post about ASM ctrl-flow visualisation which ends with the following remark: The code runs into problems when faced with code with very large numbers of jumps in, such as from a large ‘switch’ statement or just where there’s rather a lot of conditions being checked… I’m guessing that […]

Yesterday I wrote about a small script that visualizes control flow in ASM dumps with arrows and when a friend of mine posted it in I suddenly got a lot more traffic than usual and a bit of useful feedback that helped me improve the robustness and applicability of the script considerably. This morning […]

Add control flow arrows to objdump disassembly.

I found myself in need of a pronounceable but randomly generated string tonight, and decided to indulge myself with writing a single line of inconsequential Javascript that would output such a string when pasted into the address line of a webbrowser. Which led to the following line of code, that only a blind mother could […]

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