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I’m getting ready for my first Ludum Dare game-jam, which I intentionally will refrain from calling a competition, as that would imply that I believe there is a chance of winning, which for me at this point would be missing the point. Anyway, one of the things I noticed is that there is a tradition […]

So Guillermo del Toro upcoming “Pacific Rim” has worlds colliding in more ways than one.
As anyone who has enjoyed the videogame Portal or its sequel will instantly recognize…

Limbo On My Fridge

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5 May 2010

The soon to be released videogame Limbo was beeing shown in near complete form by the developers at this weekends CPH Robot festival. They were handing out promotional postcards, and I now have one hanging on my fridge in anticipation of the games public release. It was really nice to finally see the game that […]

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