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I’m getting ready for my first Ludum Dare game-jam, which I intentionally will refrain from calling a competition, as that would imply that I believe there is a chance of winning, which for me at this point would be missing the point. Anyway, one of the things I noticed is that there is a tradition […]

After being off the grid since some time in august 2013. The hiatus probably has done all sorts of wonders to my already at that time not too impressive google rank :-p I could of course have prioritised the time to transfer this blog to a new server within a few days of it going […]

I got a comment to my initial post about ASM ctrl-flow visualisation which ends with the following remark: The code runs into problems when faced with code with very large numbers of jumps in, such as from a large ‘switch’ statement or just where there’s rather a lot of conditions being checked… I’m guessing that […]

Yesterday I wrote about a small script that visualizes control flow in ASM dumps with arrows and when a friend of mine posted it in I suddenly got a lot more traffic than usual and a bit of useful feedback that helped me improve the robustness and applicability of the script considerably. This morning […]

Add control flow arrows to objdump disassembly.

So Guillermo del Toro upcoming “Pacific Rim” has worlds colliding in more ways than one.
As anyone who has enjoyed the videogame Portal or its sequel will instantly recognize…

If you’re a programmer, or even just a bro-grammer, check this comment on the official .NET documentation out: Offset and position parameters wrong in intellisense Its *really* annoying when the Intellisense documentation is wrong when you are coding … it has been a frustrating exercise to figure this out. As a previous poster mentioned, the […]

Extracting vectors from pdf files is surprisingly easy with Inkscape, once you’ve figured out the steps. I’ve made a brief graphical vector-extraction-guide in my notes-stream: Extract Vector Graphics From PDF Files With Inkscape – Imperfect Notes.

A guide for compiling a modified version of linux-2.6 to run paravirtualized inside the the L4Re is now to be found in my separate notes blog. Enjoy. Getting L⁴Linux up and running – Imperfect Notes.

I guess the abundance of .DS_Store files are meant as due warning for having the impudence of interoperating with non-apple devices, which might ultimately result in an escape attempt from Apples walled garden. So my Android phone, linux fileserver and multiple removable storage devices are currently filed with .DS_Store and a few other ‘hidden’ droppings […]

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