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Yesterday I wrote about a small script that visualizes control flow in ASM dumps with arrows and when a friend of mine posted it in I suddenly got a lot more traffic than usual and a bit of useful feedback that helped me improve the robustness and applicability of the script considerably. This morning […]

So Guillermo del Toro upcoming “Pacific Rim” has worlds colliding in more ways than one.
As anyone who has enjoyed the videogame Portal or its sequel will instantly recognize…

A guide for compiling a modified version of linux-2.6 to run paravirtualized inside the the L4Re is now to be found in my separate notes blog. Enjoy. Getting L⁴Linux up and running – Imperfect Notes.

The kind of awkward where a person is so sincerely enthusiastic about something that she cant help herself for being awesome in a way which leaves no doubt about her acting in anything but earnest by its near perfect mismatch with present company and context.

To virtualize or not to virtualize, that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and limits of a single kernel, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles And, by virtualization, end them. To virtualize, to isolate From now on, and with isolation to say we end The […]

Given the perfect mismatch, this Ali G “interview” turned out surpsingly unfunny. Then again, maybe it just shows how much of a stone-cold badass Noam Chomsky really is. Notice that Ali G introduces Noam as “Normal Chomsky”. So perhaps Sasha Baron Cohen knows more about context-free grammars than he’d like to admit? Notice also that […]

Knowing geeks, it should come as no surprise that optimal algorithmic solutions to the Rubiks Cube Problem has seen extensive academic research. So given the coexistence of the aforementioned Homo sapiens sapiens subspecies with something as versatile as lego mindstorm and something as programmable as the Android OS combined with the fact that modern digital […]

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