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Extracting vectors from pdf files is surprisingly easy with Inkscape, once you’ve figured out the steps. I’ve made a brief graphical vector-extraction-guide in my notes-stream: Extract Vector Graphics From PDF Files With Inkscape – Imperfect Notes.

A guide for compiling a modified version of linux-2.6 to run paravirtualized inside the the L4Re is now to be found in my separate notes blog. Enjoy. Getting L⁴Linux up and running – Imperfect Notes.

I guess the abundance of .DS_Store files are meant as due warning for having the impudence of interoperating with non-apple devices, which might ultimately result in an escape attempt from Apples walled garden. So my Android phone, linux fileserver and multiple removable storage devices are currently filed with .DS_Store and a few other ‘hidden’ droppings […]

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