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The kind of awkward where a person is so sincerely enthusiastic about something that she cant help herself for being awesome in a way which leaves no doubt about her acting in anything but earnest by its near perfect mismatch with present company and context.

Oh my $deity! Why wasn’t I informed about this? This literally changes everything! Ever since I started writing this blog, I’ve become increasingly dependent on various digital Thesauri in order to spike my language towards new levels of insufferable self indulgence. And tonight my abuse led to the startling discovery that there exists something as […]

I hope that this rant, besides from letting me indulge in my urge to lambast whoever masterminded this roguish approach to customer service, will serve as my small contribution to Googles grand scheme of making worthwhile human knowledge available to powerless travelers everywhere. And perhaps even serving as an example of knowledge → power in a sense slightly less abstract than the saying usually implies.

Make your love locomotive enter her tunnel on a full speed -‘Milton Cotton’ It is a pitiful squander of a talent that Mr. ´Milton Cotton` is wasting away as a e-mail spammer and not in devoted servitude of Muses Polyhymnia and Calliope. Rather t seems that by his own dispositions he has involuntarily subjugated himself […]

I found myself in need of a pronounceable but randomly generated string tonight, and decided to indulge myself with writing a single line of inconsequential Javascript that would output such a string when pasted into the address line of a webbrowser. Which led to the following line of code, that only a blind mother could […]

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