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Given the perfect mismatch, this Ali G “interview” turned out surpsingly unfunny. Then again, maybe it just shows how much of a stone-cold badass Noam Chomsky really is. Notice that Ali G introduces Noam as “Normal Chomsky”. So perhaps Sasha Baron Cohen knows more about context-free grammars than he’d like to admit? Notice also that […]

Knowing geeks, it should come as no surprise that optimal algorithmic solutions to the Rubiks Cube Problem has seen extensive academic research. So given the coexistence of the aforementioned Homo sapiens sapiens subspecies with something as versatile as lego mindstorm and something as programmable as the Android OS combined with the fact that modern digital […]

Limbo On My Fridge

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5 May 2010

The soon to be released videogame Limbo was beeing shown in near complete form by the developers at this weekends CPH Robot festival. They were handing out promotional postcards, and I now have one hanging on my fridge in anticipation of the games public release. It was really nice to finally see the game that […]

It’ll take a little while for me to get back in shape, but at least I can now blame my slow times on the added burden of running with our new CX1 Chariot Carrier ;-) (the CX1 is rather marvelous btw.)

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